About Me

Hey there mama!

So glad you’re here!

If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here either. I’m Dayna, mama to two wild preschoolers, wife of a rugby coach, and someone who’s been through hell and back in her short 33-year lifetime. From intense childhood traumas (multiple divorces, emotional neglect, parentification & abandonment) to move-to-a-brand-new-city-and-then-get-divorced at 23 to a failed career coaching business at 26 and new motherhood that rocked me to my core, I’ve been through some shit. I mean, we all have, haven’t we?

On the other side of said “shit” has been an amazing journey coming back home to myself. Through releasing repressed emotions, processing & healing my childhood traumas, and working to uncover and let go of beliefs and behavior patterns no longer serve me, I finally feel at home with myself. I’m finally the woman, the mother, the parent, the friend, the wife, and the coach I want to be (mostly).

I could sit here and rattle off all the reasons why I’m the best coach ever (what is best anyway?), but honestly I don’t think you want or need that. What you need is someone who can help you help yourself. What you need is someone who finally SEES you and supports you as you peel back the layers of yourself you no longer need to hold onto. What you need is someone can help you see things you haven’t been able to see for yourself. What you need is someone who will gently guide you on your parenting journey as you learn to love, accept, and forgive yourself for all the shit that has led you to this point in your motherhood journey.

That is me. I’ve walked through the fire. I’ve been where you are, I’ve felt what you felt. It’s messy, it’s awful, it’s scary, it’s all the things we hate to feel but know we have to.

Healing and creating lasting change within your life is HARD. But, as my favorite author, Glennon Doyle says, You Can Do Hard Things.

It might be helpful to know that I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Psychology (I went to the University of Minnesota Duluth), and I’ve taken more classes, read more books, and listened to more podcasts than I can count.

I’ve been coaching humans in one way or another since I can remember (since 2009). Regardless of the role I’ve held, coaching, guiding, & inspiring are at the core of what I do.

A lifetime of personal growth, transformation & healing has helped me learn a thing or two as well 😉

Major topics of study/expertise include but not limited to: conscious parenting, respectful parenting, identifying & healing core childhood wounds, mastering your mindset, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), understanding & working with triggers, non-violent communication, conflict management and more.

Fun facts

A little more about me

I grew up in small-town Northern Minnesota (Taconite, like Tack-uh-Night) and am an outdoorsy, low-maintenance kind of person by nature.

I once appeared on Dr Oz (via video). Ask me why 😉

-My husband and I traveled to the UK with my then 15-month-old son and survived (barely)! 

Who I am when I’m not working…

When I’m not working you can most likely find me makeup-less, dressed in yoga pants & a Mom Life tee (or sweatshirt) holding luke-warm coffee (with too much vanilla oatmilk creamer in it) while playing with my two little maniacs.

And if I’m lucky enough to have time to myself, you’ll most likely find me in the car listening to an audio-book or podcast teaching me something about parenting or business while slurping down a big ol’ green-ish smoothie (or ice cream if it’s been a day :P).

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